5 Ways CBD Helps Relieve Symptoms of PMS

A pain free period would be “#goals” for most women. PMS makes that nearly impossible to achieve. Women experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS) before or during their menstrual cycle.

Every month when you least expect it, Aunt Flo arrives, and she is never empty handed. Bearing “gifts” of cramps, moodiness, anxiety, bloating, cravings, fatigue, and breast tenderness just to name a few.

Symptoms of PMS vary from woman to woman, those are just some of the most common and every period is usually accompanied by one or more physical or mental conditions.

How can CBD help?

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid compound fond in cannabis plants like hemp and sativa. CBD works with receptors in your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to help alleviate symptoms of PMS.

If you’ve been looking for a holistic cure for your PMS, CBD could be your saving grace!

Here are 3 PMS symptoms that CBD can help alleviate.

Cramps & Bloating

Cramps are a painful throbbing sensation that women experience in their lower abdomen during their menstrual cycle. The severity of menstrual cramps differs for each woman.

CBD binds to receptors in our brain and immune system to aid lower inflammation, while managing the body’s perception of pain and discomfort.


PMS can bring about uncontrollable mood swings in some women. If you find yourself more sensitive, angry, or in an unstable emotional state – PMS is to thanks for that. The moodiness that you’re experiencing is due to a drastic drop in estrogen and progesterone levels. This typically occurs about through your cycle when your body releases an egg.

CBD interacts with receptors within the Limbic System to help moderate mood and encourage mental health. The Limbic System is the portion of your brain that is responsible for controlling our emotions.

Breast Tenderness

Days before your period you may experience the discomfort of breast pain. This is due to the hormonal changes that caused by your menstrual cycle. Estrogen and progesterone cause an increase in the size and number of milk glands in your breasts. As a result, breasts tend to swell easily and retain water.

CBD helps with this discomfort by interacting with receptors in our body to lower inflammation and helping our body’s mange pain and discomfort.

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