Meet Our Team

INNO Medicinals is a family business consisting of Floretta Gogo, Stephanie Carter and Xavier Carter.   Our goal is to educate the public about CBD and to provide high quality products to our customers.  During our travels, we found CBD products and began using them.  After seeing the health benefits on a personal level, we began making plans in 2018 to open a CBD store in Atlanta.  We are committed to education and a holistic approach to healthy living.


Floretta Gogo, has 35 years of finance experience, with high standards of performance and has a set of strict principles of conduct and responsibility. As CEO, she will provide the company with a strategic financial planning direction. She will focus our team on the financial and accounting principles of our business. Mrs. Gogo graduated from Mercer University with a bachelor's degree in Accounting. Her many years of working in the manufacturing industry has developed the experience to and knowledge to help guide the management team.


Xavier is the COO and enters the retail world with extensive customer service experience and a wealth of knowledge from research and retail concepts. Mr. Carter is a strategic thinker with significant business knowledge and experience in the areas of marketing, public relations and management. He is committed to excellence and having a positive impact in the community he serves. Mr. Carter understands the importance of customer service and superior products. He has worked with many Fortune 500 companies to present ideas and concepts from customer care to product marketing.


Stephanie is our marketing and social media strategist. Along with being our daughter, she has a BFA in journalism and public relations. We will be utilizing her skills for the coordination and management of social media ads across all platforms including budget optimization, coordinating copy and creative, and identifying target audiences.